• The trade show will take place in the Pensacola Bay Center on the 20,000 square feet of arena floor space. This time of year, the arena floor is the ice rink and the ice will be covered with the Ice-Pro sheets and we recommend you provide a floor covering for your booth.
  • Standard booth size is 10’ wide by 8’ deep (multiple booths can be conjoined for larger booth needs)
  • The booth will be supplied with:
    • Pipe and Drape
    • One (1) 8’ Skirted Table
      • Additional Tables are available “first come first serve”
    • Two (2) Chairs
      • Additional Chairs are available “first come first serve”
    • And access to a Shared 20-Amp 120VAC Power Circuit (Two (2) plugs per booth)
      • Additional power is available past the standard 2-outlet shared 20-amp for additional costs. Please note: these booths would need to be either on the south end wall or the east wall near the south end to accommodate the multiple cords and the 3-phase power requested.
    • Load in and Out times and dates will be posted closer to the event.

Sponsor Pricing

Bronze Booth

10' x 8' booth space

10′ x 8′ Booth Size
Pipe and Drape
One 8′ Skirted Table
Two chairs
Two 120V plugs (20amp)

Silver Booth

20' x 8' booth space

20′ x 8′ Booth Size
Pipe and Drape
Two 8′ Skirted Tables
Four chairs
Four 120V plugs (20amp)

Gold Booth

30' x 8' booth space

30′ x 8′ Booth Size
Pipe and Drape
Three 8′ Skirted Tables
Eight chairs
Eight 120V plugs (20amp)

Demo Room

Private Demo Room

Private Demo Room
Pipe and Drape
Two 8′ Skirted Tables
Eight chairs
Eight 120V plugs (20amp)


When are the load in and load out times?

Load in is Monday, January 6th between 8am and 8pm.  Load out is on Wednesday, January 8th between 3pm and 8pm.

What are the Ceiling Heights of the demo rooms?

The overhangs on the perimeter are just under 8ft and the center of the rooms are just under 10ft, the lobbies/hallways are a little taller maybe 11’ or 12’.

Do you have instructions for load in/ load out?

We will have 3 available entrances. Front doors & 2 loading bays. For the loading bays, we would have the vehicles line up down our South Fire Lane & just drop their items at the loading dock, park vehicle in our designated truck parking, then bring items to their designated booth. So, we can best organize a constant flow of vehicles.

Do you have instructions / details for power at the booths?

We would just need to know which booths need power and we will provide a 120v, 2 plug outlet. If more power is required, we would need to know ahead of time to best accommodate those requests/ensure we have enough equipment on hand.